The world of logistics and transport is facing major challenges. The customer demands more than just a reliable and timely delivery with their goods intact. To have the competitive edge the company will need to focus on its entire supply chain as well as on the company’s current position in the market. Whoever ranks highest on customer service and supply chain management will have a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Logistics processes are constantly changing as a result of these ‘triggers’, making the logistics sector not only highly competitive, but disruptive as well. A start-up business can achieve in two years what a long-established business has taken thirty. To stagnate is to be left behind. Innovation is a prerequisite for success! Logistics providers, carriers and shipping companies are constantly on the lookout for new solutions in this ever-changing playing field. It’s in this dynamic and competitive environment that LT ARENA operates. We do this with a clear vision, based on many years of experience and with a sincere passion for the logistics industry.

Service improvement and cost reduction 
In the logistics and transport industry the emphasis tends to lie on cost reduction. We believe costs should never be the sole focal point; every serious innovation process should start with service improvement. This will create more volume, a higher turnover and ultimately will lead to more room and greater opportunity to optimalise the service process. LT ARENA knows from experience that it is perfectly feasible to simultaneously achieve service improvement and cost reduction. This has always been our ultimate goal and lies at the core of everything we do, every project we undertake and every piece of advice we offer.

“For logistics processes to be successful, there needs to be a balance between Processes, Systems & Technology on the one hand and People & Organisation on the other. A common error is the investment in new technologies without providing adequate training in its application. More often than not this will lead to the project’s downfall. The same occurs when processes have been mapped perfectly, but HR and IT are ill-equipped to apply the information. A dynamic link between planning and execution is essential”.