Getting in touch with Marco Hendriks (LT ARENA)?
I worked for more than 30 years in Logistics and Transportation, mainly at TNT and in partnerships with the World Food Programme and Logistics Emergency Team (a humanitarian organization to improve and deliver Emergency Response in the world). I’m a strong believer in team work and have the ability to initiate and drive change management and innovation in the company at all levels, I’m able to gather motivated people and create solid teams in order to deliver sustainable business results in terms of service, quality and efficiency improvements. In April 2012, the TNT / ORTEC and the University of Tilburg team won the INFORMS - Franz Edelman Award for the entire Global Optimisation programme, which was initiated and led by me.

This award is seen as the most prestigious award in the world of Operations Research and Optimisation.

TNT Award

Since April 2015, I’m the owner of LT Arena (, a company that enables companies (of any size) to deliver improved business results in the area of Service, Quality, Costs and Sustainability.

Marco Hendriks
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