Work methods

Timely deliveries, efficient stock control, clever planning, reducing empty kilometres, excellent service. These are all identifiable objectives in the field of logistics projects and processes. Everybody is constantly striving for excellence in their supply chain management.

Nevertheless, reality often paints a different picture: Processes that have been inadequately mapped. Management and employees who are left with little or no insight into the business process. (Or are only allowed to react - rather than influence and participate). Departments that don’t look beyond their own remit and fail to consider the possible impact on the entire supply chain (when they should be able to think and operate on a cross-platform level). We all know the consequences: errors and loss of service resulting in frustration, unnecessary costs and dissatisfied customers. To prevent this from happening LT ARENA has adopted an approach that is both systematic and personal: we will always work from a well-defined plan with clear objectives.

From Baseline to Endgame
LT Arena prides itself on its goal-oriented approach. What is the company’s focal point? Which strategic, tactical and operational goals are achievable? What vision, strategies and ambitions does the business have? And do we see ourselves in two to four years’ time? What consequences will this have for personnel, business processes, new technologies and investments? We will cover all bases by tackling these matters one by one.

Starting from the bottom up (Baseline), we will carry out a Quick Scan and take stock of your current situation. What’s the relationship between quality, service and costs? What are the company’s weak points? And its strong ones? Are there any vulnerabilities and where do the opportunities lie? We will identify the most important factors: whether it’s customers and suppliers, or maybe internal departments such as Sales, Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing or In-house Transportation. A plan of action will start to emerge: an improvement proposal based on Quick Wins as well as a financially viable long-term improvement plan. This will form the Roadmap framework on which we, LT ARENA together with the project manager, the board of directors, the investors or the focus group, will determine our chosen route. In the Endgame we will get the job done. Together we will achieve our goals!

‘We combine our structured approach with a personal touch that will motivate and engage people, as innovation is driven by people. Igniting workplace enthusiasm, which includes sharing visible progress stages, holds the key to achieving successful change management. At LT ARENA we don’t stop at outlining a well though-out plan; we also focus on bringing people together, however diverse their backgrounds, enabling them to confidently work together towards their collective goal. Collective learning and improving through coaching - this is how we operate!’