Garry Dulson, TNT Express UK, General Manager Sortation Projects
“Marco is one of the most inspiring and motivational people i have worked with. His ability to identify issues, work with people to create ideas and then turn those ideas into working solutions and /or tools which are understandable and simple to use has brought him a great deal of recognition and praise. He has the technical and operational contacts to ensure any advise given is fit for purpose and state of the art. A truly good guy to work with!”

Jan Salomons, TNT Express The Netherlands, Director Express Road Networks Supply Chain Development
“Marco is a determined and visionary supply chain optimizer, able to simultaneously identify opportunities going forward as well as immediate savings, improving the bottom line now and into the near future. I have worked with Marco intensively especially in the last 10 years, innovating and optimizing TNT's global supply chain management strategy, as well as the tactical and operational planning tools and capabilities. Marco has developed some truly unique approaches that will benefit many companies, and wish him lots of success with making his passion not just his job but this time his business and life. No doubt this will create some unique win-wins with the extensive network of specialist Marco can tap into, and his customers. Good luck!”

Lambert van der Bruggen, ORTEC, Chief Executive Asia Pacific
“I have worked together with Marco in TNT’s Global Optimization (GO) program. I have learned to know Marco as a strong personality who is able to create true change. Marco is a team lead who sets crystal clear goals on what needs to be achieved. He knows how to motivate his team and assure alignment with stakeholders at all levels. Marco is decisive, can be demanding, but also gives back a lot. Where ORTEC was TNT’s optimization partner in the GO program, I have learned from Marco the true meaning of “optimization”: find the shortest path to achieve your goals and create success. It’s a pleasure to work with a result-driven professional like Marco.”

Christian Drenthen, DB Schenker, CEO Region Europe West
“Marco worked for me on two occasions during my career and I can state to full satisfaction. During the first time Marco worked for me he was tasked with establishing the strategic development department for our Worldwide network business unit. Marco completed this task very successfully and established a first class strategic team with support from amongst others the University of Tilburg and Ortec. During the second period Marco worked for me he headed the Global Operations and Engineering strategic department and this department under Marco's leadership played a very important role in the companies operations transformation and efficiency improvement process. I can highly recommend Marco for his strategic development and teambuilding skills.”